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Zara Murray

Resumen biográfico Transcript of How can we improve our education system?How can we improve our education system? 
To improve education, our country must systematically and transparently evaluate and disseminate the academic performance of students, as well as create a system of incentives and accountability for teachers. 
Students when they get home after school are not studying enough. Therefore they have to be more responsible in the study, so that they progress academically. 
Parents play an important role in the lives of students and that is why they also have to do their part to help their children progress in school. Essay Writing Service from Assignment box
Schools can also create new academic programs that help students, such as programs that help them in classes that have low grades 

The school is not a static entity or individual, but rather it is a collective formed by different people and all of them influence its progress. An educational center is more than an enclosure, it must function as a community open to the outside world and cooperate with its surroundings. Educational systems, like people, can improve. For this there are two fundamental keys: know how to manage change and behave like an organization that learns.